Whispering Interpreting

Interpreting “chuchotage”

“Whispering inter­pre­ting”, also known as chu­cho­ta­ge, is a par­ti­cu­lar form of simul­ta­neous inter­pre­ting in which the inter­pre­ter sits or stands behind / bes­i­de one or two mee­ting par­ti­ci­pan­ts and whis­pers the trans­la­ti­on simul­ta­neous­ly into their ear. This tech­ni­que is only pos­si­ble for a maxi­mum of two participants.

If the group of par­ti­ci­pan­ts requi­ring the trans­la­ti­on is lar­ger, but it is not pos­si­ble to use an inter­pre­ting booth, e.g. for gui­ded tours or visits, a mobi­le inter­pre­ting set can be used. We can also pro­vi­de this equipment.

Our net­wor­k’s mobi­le inter­pre­ting set

Our net­wor­k’s mobi­le inter­pre­ting set

Portable / mobile whispering equipment including receivers, headsets, and a microphone

This equip­ment con­sists of a wire­less micro­pho­ne, recei­vers and head­sets. Those lis­tening to the trans­la­ti­on wear the recei­vers and head­sets and the inter­pre­ter speaks into the wire­less micro­pho­ne. There are infrared and induc­ti­ve varia­ti­ons of this equipment.

Whispering equip­ment can be used in cases whe­re an inter­pre­ting booth can­not be set up, for ins­tance if the par­ti­ci­pan­ts are on the move. It is thus sui­ted to gui­ded tours or fac­to­ry visits, for example.

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